Camden Delta

It all starts with you.

You are the reason we have created the Camden Delta hrGrow Network® – A Camden Delta Advisory Services Group.

Simply put, bringing together great people who have a common interest and common bond makes things great. Great for YOU and great for everyone else involved, too!

Our private advisory group is inclusively designed for busy professionals like yourself who values time spent with forward-thinking people, focused on topics that you are passionate about and with friends who are there to help you grow. Each group is designed to help you connect with other HR professionals in your area. Members help each other to improve themselves and their organizations, all supported by an HR professional network of people who authentically and deeply care about you.

Your group is there to support you, offer help and advice and to help you work on a variety of problems in order to find solutions. But that’s not all.

In your group, you will:

  • Collaborate and connect with others to improve your performance today and enhance your career for tomorrow
  • Develop deep supportive professional relationships for learning and career transitions
  • Gain new insights while working in partnership with others
  • Challenge your own thinking and approach to solving today’s most pressing problems
  • Be exposed to a diversity of thought leadership

Each group is guided and facilitated by an expert from Camden Delta, a seasoned professional who will help plan, organize and facilitate group meetings. Like you, they have a passion for what they do and are there to bring in new ideas, challenge your thinking, help to guide the group towards solving problems with practical and actionable steps and ensure each group member is taking something valuable away with every interaction.

No topic or issue brought by you to the group is off limits. After all, the value in the group is to help you overcome real challenges.

There are many benefits to the Camden Delta hrGrow Network membership. Depending on your membership level, you are offered a variety of valuable services and benefits including:

  • Professional learning and development programs
  • Curated and customized research
  • Targeted executive briefings and webinars
  • Career coaching and transition assistance
  • Bundled professional services and more

Only select individuals are offered the opportunity to join an advisory group. The members are carefully selected, and memberships are limited to ensure the highest quality and value for each member.

Membership Plans

Choose the right Camden Delta hrGrow Network® membership plan for you:

Free: Special guest access to select Camden Delta hrGrow Network meetings – by invitation only.

Associate Membership: Introduces the benefits of group membership and provides key services including monthly group meetings, career coaching support, invitations to special learning and development programs and special events.

Professional Membership: Full benefits of group membership, plus support for research, discounted learning and development programs, invitations to special events and professional services support included.

Professional Membership Plus: Blending all the benefits of group membership, plus even more customized research support, learning and development programs included with your membership, attend special events and receive professional services support – all included in your annual fee.

Ask us about team and corporate membership plans.

Member Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
  • We believe in one another and celebrate our successes and disappointments together.
  • We are present, actively participate and are supportive of each other in meetings.
  • What is discussed in the meeting remains privileged information to members.
  • We actively support and advocate for one another.
  • We operate with the highest integrity and respect for the group and each individual.
  • We challenge each other and value our diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • We aspire to have positive and engaging relationships that are professionally rewarding while also having a lot of fun!
Expectations of Members
  • Members must agree to host at least one meeting per year (not all members will need to host, but all must be willing to volunteer).
  • Meeting hosts are expected to arrange for a meeting room that will be adequate for the group to have a meeting with access to snacks/lunch, beverages, meeting supplies and also arrange for any security as required to access the host meeting location.
  • Members may not miss more than two meetings in a year or will run the risk of forfeiting their membership. At least a one-week notice must be provided as a professional courtesy to the group members if you are not able to attend.
  • Members may be asked to complete pre-work as part of a meeting. It is important to complete this work for you and the group to get the most out of a meeting.
  • Members may be allowed to bring a guest from time to time depending on the meeting format and topics to be discussed. Certain topics on the meeting agenda are exclusive to members only.
  • Membership is activated by full payment of membership dues. Annual dues are required to be current and paid in

Accelerated Learning Labs

What are Accelerated Learning Labs?

  • The hrGrow Network® Accelerated Learning Labs will be a learning and development solution designed and delivered by Camden Delta, featuring best-practice content on a specific topic.

What topics will be featured in the learning labs?

  • Topics will cover a range of strategic human resource areas such as Strategic Workforce Planning, Organizational Design and HR Strategy Development.

Who is the audience for these events?

  • Senior HR leaders and practitioners in strategic HR roles within their organizations.

What is the learning design and approach for these Learning Labs?

  • Camden Delta is applying best-practice instructional design principles in the development of each course. Additionally, Accelerated Learning Labs are specifically designed for different learning styles, a blend of great and thought-provoking content, collaborative action learning, postclassroom applied learning and structured reflection. All facilitated by a partner you can trust and experts in the field of strategic Human Resources Management.

How long are Accelerated Learning Labs?

  • The core program is an 8-hour/one-day instructor-led session where you will be immersed in the subject matter alongside a cohort of your peers from other leading organizations. From there, you will be encouraged to apply the learning to a real-world situation/issue that you are working on within your organization. Approximately six weeks after the session, you will engage in a virtual meeting with your hrGrow Network group leader to discuss your lessons learned in the application of the subject-matter content and recommendations for moving forward. Also, during this six-week period, your facilitator will be available to you as a guide/coach to help you along the way and reflect on your project progress as well as your professional development.

Is there a fee to attend?

  • Depending on your membership level, your attendance is free or discounted as part of your membership. Learning Labs will also be offered to non-members at a cost of $1,000 or more per person/per session.*

Who facilitates the session?

  • A Camden Delta facilitator and content expert will lead the session.

Where will the sessions be held?

  • Public sessions will be held at collaborative meeting facilities in Atlanta and in similar facilities in other markets. We will also offer private corporate sessions where one client can enroll a minimum of 6 participants and either hold the meeting at one of our facilities or at the corporate client’s location of choice.

Where does the content for these sessions come from?

  • Accelerated Learning Lab content is continually refreshed and informed by changing factors and conditions impacting organizations. Camden Delta uses its own experience and research, plus curated information to inform the content of each course. Additionally, each module has been designed to support a validated competency model for strategic HR practitioners.

Are CEUs available to participants of these sessions?

  • Our plan is to get these sessions approved for CEUs by SHRM and HRCI.

What do I get when I attend?

  • You’ll receive a fully licensed set of materials that includes Accelerated Learning Lab content, an Accelerated Learning Labs Field Guide with tools for immediate application on a project, supporting reading and other suggested references to continue your professional development on the subject matter.

Summary of Accelerated Learning Labs

  • 8-hour highly targeted expert instructor-led session focused on a particular strategic human resource topic
  • Designed and delivered by a team of content experts and certified facilitators
  • Follow-up on professional coaching support designed to ensure application of learning and opportunities for reflection
  • Targeted for strategic Human Resource professionals and those developing the required skills for professional career advancement
  • Members invited to attend at significantly reduced fees (Free for Professional-Level Members)
  • Continuing education credits available

*Subject to change



What is the purpose?

  • In today’s hectic business environment, it’s important for you to have deep professional relationships with people who you can turn to for help in achieving your personal and professional goals. The Camden Delta hrGrow Network® promotes a collaborative membership of strategic human resource professionals and supports them with relevant and timely content facilitated by a trusted partner.

Why join?

  • Based on our market research, strategic human resource leaders are being underserved by other organizations and professional associations. The hrGrow Network believes that a smaller, more intimate setting for professional relationship building and learning is a better solution. No other provider includes bundled professional services, learning and development, and member-driven research as part of their offer to their membership at the price point we are offering to our members. Our desire is to “WOW” our members and have them become the greatest advocates for membership.

Who is eligible to join the hrGrow Network?

  • Membership is reserved for senior-level HR leaders whose roles focus on strategic talent management and human resource issues.

Who will facilitate the membership meetings and events?

  • All membership meetings and events will be facilitated by an active and collaborative partner from Camden Delta who plans, organizes and supports the membership.

What do I receive as part of my membership?

  • There are various levels of Camden Delta hrGrow Network memberships available to meet your specific needs and budget requirements. Membership plan options include: Free (Special Guest Access), Associate, Professional and Professional Plus. Each plan has a robust set of benefits. For information regarding membership level benefits, please visit or contact your hrGrow Network representative.

What geographic markets will members come from?

  • Memberships and collaborative networks will be organized in major markets. Each market will be independent but will be connected through social media channels and a dedicated membership website. Members from all markets will be invited to the annual membership meeting.

What is the cost for membership?

  • There are several different membership levels available for your consideration. There is tremendous value in each membership level, and we will work with you to help you decide which level is right for you.

Are discounts available for member applicants who work for the same organization?

  • Yes. However, we strive to keep the membership diverse, as well as maintain discretion and confidentiality for our members.

What other discounts are available?

  • During our inaugural year, we are offering a discount to “Founding Members” who join in each market where we are implementing our network.
Member Monthly Meetings

How long will monthly meetings be?

  • Meetings will typically be 2.5 hours in duration. The hosting member is expected to provide lunch to attendees, secure meeting space and manage security. Camden Delta will manage meeting invitations, communication and meeting facilitation.

How many attendees will be allowed?

  • A maximum of 25 attendees will be allowed to attend the monthly meetings. Keeping the group limited will provide better opportunities for participation and small group breakouts/management.
Member-Driven Topical Research

Is there a limit to topics? If so, what are the limits?

  • Topics will be related to strategic HR. There are no limits to the topics as long as they are within the strategic HR realm.

Are reports written, formal reports?

  • Reports will be provided through executive briefing or a one-page Timely Topic Format. Personalized Research Requests

How many research requests are allowed?

  • Two research requests per year are included in the full professional membership.

Is there a limit to topics? If so, what are the limits?

  • There is no limit to the topics, but requests will be reviewed by the Board.
Member-Driven Topical Webinars

Who is allowed to submit topics?

  • Anyone is allowed to submit topics.

Who will host?

  • Camden Delta will host all webinars.
Member Education Events

What is a member education event?

  • Camden Delta will design and facilitate up to four education events (Accelerated Learning Labs) per year (quarterly) covering a range of topics relevant to the membership. Fees to attend these events are separate and depend on membership level.

Who determines topics for each year?

  • Anyone can suggest topics for the member education events, but the decision will be managed by Camden Delta and advisory board members.
Local Networking Events/Socials (2x/year)

Who is invited?

  • Eligible members are invited based on membership level.

Can members invite a guest?

  • The networking events and socials are exclusively for members. From time to time, some events may allow members to invite a special guest – particularly guests who are interested in membership.
Professional Services Support Discounted Rates (Corporate Membership Only)

Does this discount include travel?

  • Travel and expenses are not included in the discount rate.
Personalized Executive Briefings

Would these briefings always be provided by Camden Delta partners?

  • Yes

What is the expected time allowed for each briefing?

  • One hour
Special Annual Event

Are all members welcome to attend the special annual event?

  • Yes

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